Learn-to-Row Program

What is it?

Our Learn-to-Row Program is geared to beginners of any age (14+), who have never rowed or need a refresher.  The program taught by trained coaches and organized by our enthusiastic and dedicated members!    

We have a very relaxed and fun environment where safety and enjoyment are priority!  

We think however, that you will find the enthusiasm contagious!!

How does it work?

Each season in June we offer a 5-session program with coaching and support as we take you through all the basics of rowing.  

By the end of Learn-to-Row, you will be rowing confidently and be ready to join us for the remainder of the season!!

*See the current registration page for dates/times*

Join the team...

A huge part of rowing is “Team Work,” so remember you are not alone in learning this sport. We encourage you to join up with a friend, meet new friends and give rowing a try!

We hope you come to enjoy rowing as the wonderful sport we know it is!!    


Recreational Rowing Program

What is it?

This program is for graduates of the Learn-to-Row program or those with previous rowing experience, who desire to continue to indulge in this low impact activity.  

Focus is on the continued development of rowing techniques, fitness and fun. 

How does it work?

Recreational rowers can choose when to join us for a row! 

Rowing takes place 4 or more times weekly (weather permitting) and offers great flexibility of commitment depending on your busy schedule!!   Members can select, each week, the days they will row.

*Note: Most weekday rowing happens in the evening and weekend rowing early morning*

The Boats

Recreational rowers have the use of both doubles (2 rowers) and quads (4 rowers). 

This enjoyable sport is a great way to join in the rowing camaraderie both on and off the water.